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Capacity {{[0].lift_weight.formatNumber( 0, ".", "," )}} lbs.
Manufacturer {{[0].manufacturer}}
Lake {{[0].lake}}, {{[0].state}}
Location {{[0].location_id}}
Latitude {{[0].lat}}
Longitude {{[0].long}}
Features {{[0].features_brief}}
Tank Material {{[0].tank_type}}
Tank Type {{[0].flotation_type}}
Setup Width {{[0].setup_width}}
Arms {{[0].arms}}
Back in {{([0].deep_drop_kit =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}}
Bunk Setup {{[0].bunk_type}}
Tank Size {{[0].tank_dimensions}}
Axle Bushings {{[0].bushings}}
Dimensions {{[0].dimensions}}
Rough Water {{([0].roughwater =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}}
Nose Mount {{([0].nose_mount =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}}
Stop Kit {{([0].stops =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}}
Number of Tanks {{[0].tank_num}}
Remote {{[0].remote}}
Blower {{[0].blowers}}
Arm Length {{[0].arm_length}}
Arm Size {{[0].arm_size}}"
Condition, 1 - 10(new) {{[0].condition}}
Age (*) {{[0].age}}
Heavy Duty {{([0].roughwater =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}}
Previous Boat Configuration {{([0].previous_boat)}}
Stepped Hull Pads {{([0].step_tall_pads =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}}
Moving Cost {{[0].moving_cost}}
Shallow Water {{([0].shallow_water =='true').then( "Yes", "No" )}} Shallow Water





Dock Lifeguard - Prevent Electric Shock Drowning!

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NOTICE TO PURCHASER - The property information, and other information contained herein, is furnished by the owner to the best of his/her knowledge, is not warranted by owner or owner’s agents. Sellers' property is available for inspection by Purchasers and Purchaser's retained expert(s), if any, at any reasonable time prior to closing. Unless otherwise stated, property is sold in 'as is' condition. In many cases property age is an approximation of age if actual age is not known. The sale offering is made subject to errors, omissions, change of price, prior sale, or withdrawal without notice.   Remotes are sold as is, Dock Realty does not warranty remotes.

(*)  Yes in the Electrical field indicates that Electrical wiring is present on dock.  This is not an indication that the electrical wiring is up to the current electrical codes enforced by your jurisdiction.

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