Interested in selling your Dock or Lift?

If you are contemplating selling your Dock or Lift or leasing your Slip, Dock Realty would be glad to assist you.   Take advantage of our wide range of advertising around the lake to help drive potential buyers to your property. 

Dock Realty utilizes the following advertising means:

  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Boating Magazines
  • Real Estate Guides & Magazines
  • Classifieds
  • News Papers
  • Hot Sheets to Marinas
  • Hot Sheets to Realtors
  • Internet Search Engines
  • Signage on Property
  • Trade Shows
  • Boat Shows

Dock Realty's billboards are seen by more than 50,000 vehicles a day. We also run continuous ads in local newspapers and boating related magazines.  With our Internet site, detailed specifics and pictures of your product are available to buyers nationwide.  

We will also place highly visible signs (if allowable) on your dock so that boaters are aware of your property.

Contact  Dock Realty for more information on selling your property.

Dock Realty, Inc.

Voice: 866 DOC-RLTY  (866 362-7589) or (573) 374-8849
Fax: :866 DOCK-FAX  (866 362-5329) or (573) 374-9285

E-mail all the specifics of your dock or lift:  info @ dockrealty . com 

Print Form and Fax to us.


Listing Fees, Why?
By pooling a small one time listing fee from each client we are able to vastly expand our marketing arena. Other companies have tried to copy Dock Realty,  but all have failed due to their lack of advertising.  Dock Realty keeps expanding its advertising campaign and that is why we have over 14,000 satisfied clients since our inception in 2003.  


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